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 ESCT Go Global

ESCT Go Global

After building and growing of the partnership in previous stages. 7 clusters from the SmartCityTech applied for the strand 2 of the COSME, Cluster Go International programme. Those clusters are: 

    -  DSPValley (Flanders, Belgium)
    -  BrainsBusiness (North Jutland, Denmark)
    -  GAIA (Basque Country, Spain)
    -  AMEC (Catalonia, Spain)
    -  House of Energy (North Jutland, Denmark)
    -  Systematic (Paris Region, France)
    -  Cluster SCC (Lombardia, Italy)

As part of the joint cooperation program, the SmartCityTech partnership is deploying an internationalization program. This program focuses with concrete actions on specific target regions.  Those target regions will be: Singapore (2018), USA (2019), India (2020).

The internationalization program has as objective:

  -  To position the partnership, on the global SmartCityTech scene as gateway between the EU and other regions worldwide.
  -  To share information and knowledge related to collaboration opportunities, best practices, relevant stakeholders, etc.
  -  To establish a working relationship with a bridgehead partner in the target regions.
  -  To activate the collaboration among stakeholders from the different regions

After the first year of the project (31/12/2018) a monitoring scoreboard with the main indicators of the project was developed and published. Here you can check the document


This project has received funding from the European Unión COSME COS-Cluster Programme, under the grant agreement Nº 783412