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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a file or device that is downloaded onto the User’s terminal equipment for the purpose of storing data which may be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for the installation. That is, it is a file which is downloaded onto your computer on accessing certain Web pages. Cookies enable a Web page, among other things, to store and recover information about the browsing habits of a User or their equipment and, depending on the information contained therein and the way in which the equipment is used, they may be used to recognise the User.


What type of cookies are used on this Web page?

This Web page uses cookies which facilitate the User’s use and browsing of the Web page, guarantee access to certain services, including improving the functional configuration of the Web.

In particular, this Web page uses the following cookies:

Own cookies: these are sent to the User’s terminal equipment from equipment or a domain managed by the editor and from where the requested service is provided to the User.

Third party cookies: these are sent to the User’s terminal equipment from equipment or a domain not managed by the editor, but by another entity which processes the data obtained from the cookies.

Session cookies: designed to collect and store data while the User accesses the Web site.

Technical cookies: these are necessary for a User to browse through an app, Web page or platform. They are normally used to identify a session, permit access to a restricted zone, remember the elements included in an online order, store video or audio content for later diffusion via social networks, etc.

Personalisation cookies: these allow the User to browse based on a particular special feature from among all those defined for the service, for example, the User's language, the browser type, the regional configuration from where the User accesses the page, etc.

Analysis cookies: these cookies are used to carry out an analysis of the behaviour and actions of Users of Web sites linked to the same, and to develop browser profiles in order to improve techniques.

Summary of cookies:



Session / Persistent

Own / Third party


Browser cookie





Own and third party

Acceptance of cookies on the Web.


Allocation of language by User.

Google Analytics Cookie



Third Party

The sole purpose is to obtain anonymous statistical information.


How to manage the configuration of the cookies?

This section offers a brief explication of how to consult and carry out the configuration of the cookies system in relation to the most common or most frequently used browsers.

In this respect, almost all browsers allow the User to obtain general information about the cookies installed on a Web page, and more specifically, to confirm the existence of the cookies, their duration or system for their elimination. A series of related links are provided for the purposes of information:

-         Google Chrome

-         Mozilla Firefox

-        Internet Explorer

In addition, the User may allow, block or delete the cookies installed in their equipment by modifying the configuration of their browser as described in the instructions of the browser. For the purposes of information, it should be noted that cookies are usually configured in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu of each browser. In any case, it is always possible to use the browser help function to resolve any doubts that may be generated in this respect.

It should be remembered that if you do not allow any cookies to be installed, the Web content and certain functions and services provided by the same may be affected.