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 Visit to the Industrial Transformation ASIA-Pacific

DATES: 17-21 OF OCTOBER 2022

Mission flyer

We are organizing a mission on #GreenTechnologies for European companies.
We are calling all companies within sustainable building management and individual heat and energy supply! The SmartCityTech Partnership hereby invites you to join our matchmaking mission to #NewYork City and the town of #Ithaca.


Business Group

I fyou have interest, you will automatically be added to our business group. As a part of the business group, you will get the opportunity to learn more about the mission, meet the other participants, and have the chance to play an active role in shaping the agenda. We have attached the list of participants for your convenience, but do note that it is not allowed to share the list with third parties. 

Webinars and information

Stay tuned for future webinars where you will be able to meet stakeholders and learn more about the challenges they face in NYC and Ithaca.

 Performed and future webinars with stakeholders:


Context: Making New York City's one Million Building Clean and Efficient

In 2019, the New York City Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act (CMA). This plan represents New York City’s commitment to the carbon drawdown targets set out in the Paris Agreement, pledging the city to carbon neutrality by 2050. The CMA is the largest climate solution put forth by any city in the world. In most major cities in the US, transportation produces the bulk of emissions, however, in New York City, 68% of emissions come from buildings. Almost half of those emissions come from only 2% of buildings. The city is therefore in desperate need of needs aggressive retrofits to make existing buildings more efficient.

New York State is one of the national leaders in terms of providing incentives forenergy efficiency (approximately 0 million per year) for a variety of programs,including direct incentives for energy reduction and market transformation. Theseprograms are administered by local utilities and the New York State Energy Researchand Development Authority (NYSERDA).
There is currently a rise in demand and interest in energy-efficient, sustainable, andretrofitting-solutions in NYC, however, there is a gap in technology and know-how inthe US which creates new market opportunities that especially European companieswill be able to tap into and provide the solutions for.

Circular Week 2022

Circular economy is a global mega trend, with the potential to transform industriesand redesign urban living. The transformative potential of circularity is not specific to asingle sector, but can be linked to everything from digitization and the sharingeconomy, to the food industry and the built environment.

Circular City Week wants to give everyone a platform for knowledge sharing, no matterwhether you approach circularity from a design perspective, an environmentalawareness standpoint, as an growth agenda, or as a mean to rethinking consumerism.

The aim of the week is to inspire industry professionals across sectors, showcaseinternational pioneers, highlight local change makers and engage students to be thefuture of circularity.

Ithaca and their new Green Deal

In 2019, The City of Ithaca adopted its Green New Deal which aims to eliminate the city's 400,000 tonnes of annual CO2 emissions. The Town also set two goals for its own operations to be met by 2025: to meet the electricity needs of Town government operations with 100% regionally sourced renewable electricity and to reduce emissions from the Town fleet of vehicles by 50%. As the first step in the process, the city has chosen to decarbonize and electrify thousands of both privately owned and publicly owned buildings and homes by the end of the decade.

CONTACT MAIL: Thilde Moller Larsen:


This project has received funding from the European Unión COSME COS-Cluster Programme, under the grant agreement Nº 951206