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Workshop: Driving the Implementation of Smart Systems in Urban Areas

Workshop: Driving the Implementation of Smart Systems in Urban Areas

Urban areas are melting pots of new opportunities. These are places where people meet, live, work and enjoy their spare time. It’s an area where a known past will meet up with an unknown future. People are eager to adopt services and products which make their life, work, spare time more enjoyable, more efficient.  They are eager to adopt products and services which make them more resilient to future, unknown events. Smart Systems can enable those products and services but cooperation between policy makers, citizens, technology experts and other stakeholders is required to realize new solutions for citizens in urban areas.

Facilitation is needed to bring experts from different disciplines and different regions together and to make them cooperate on smart system enabled products and services for urban areas. Stimulating active collaboration between stakeholders from different regions is one of the main objectives of the SmartCityTech partnership. This workshop contributes to this objective and will facilitate active interaction between participants to the SmartCityExpo on concrete challenges from regions and cities.

09.30     The SmartCityTech Partnership – Get Acquainted

09.45     Key Note – Nathan Pierce (Greater London Authority)The vision of GLA (General Lighthouse Authorities) on Smart Cities

10.05     Let’s collaborate on common challenges – Introduction
             • Flanders Smart Region:  Management as a service - A virtual traffic control centre for Ghent
             • City of Munich:  The Smart Silo
             • Smart Catalonia:  Smart Region Platform that enables information exchange among municipalities and  supralocal authorities
             • City of San Sebastian:  ICT solutions for energetic balance and business models in energetic building rehabilitation

             •  What are the challenges of your city?
             •  What are the main points you want to get solved?
             •  How international cooperation might help you ?

11.30      Wrap up and feedback

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