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We are joining the EU-Singapore matchmaking event as part of our mission to Singapore

The European Commission (EC) will organise the EU – Singapore Matchmaking Event in the context of the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC - a HANNOVER MESSE event (ITAP) which will be held on 18-20 October 2022.

From the SmartCityTech partnership and in concrete from the ET4S project we will be attending this event as part of our business mission to this Asian country.

The most relevant action will be the EU – Singapore Matchmaking Event that will take place on-site in Singapore on 19 October 2022. The event is co-organised by the European Commission and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) - with the support of the EU Delegation to Singapore and the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, and facilitated by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

It will help us to make some relevant contacts in Singapore and to strengthen relationship between us as clusters, our companies and our counterparts in Asia. Some companies are joining us in this exciting mission.

The objectives of the mission are:

  •         Strengthening EU-Singapore cluster cooperation for the benefit of all our members, including through seminars, a cluster matchmaking event, and visits organized;
  •         Identifying potential areas of common interest for cooperation and synergies, in terms of the sectoral, value chain, and market focus of their SMEs and other companies;
  •         Through clusters, improving EU-Singapore industry and academia-industry collaboration in research, development, and innovation. For its members, the clusters will identify possible areas of RDI collaboration (academia, research organizations, industries...).

Apart from the event itself we will extend our visit and organize several networking and matchmaking for us and our companies with relevant stakeholders in the Singaporean market. We want to thank all the organizers for the hard work and counting on us to be present in this matchmaking event.

More information:


This project has received funding from the European Unión COSME COS-Cluster Programme, under the grant agreement Nº 951206