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Train the Trainers SCT


In the context of the European Technologies for Sustainability Project (ET4S), we have organized a Train the Trainers to provide relevant information about internationalization approach for companies and clusters. We will have the opportunity to learn from experts how to approach the internationalization strategies, which aspects are relevant and how to address certain markets, with a special focus on some ASEAN (Singapore, Taiwan and China) and North American markets (USA and Canada).

This train the trainers will consist on 8 different sessions addressing different needs related with internationalization.  These are the topics that will be addressed:

   1.How to eventuatethe company readiness for global expansion (31st January 2022) by Monika Ledzion
   2.How to succeed in business in the USA (14th February 2022)
   3.Startup Acceleration process from the idea to motivated company (28th February 2022) by Konrad Ozdowy
   4.How to succeed in business in the China (14th March 2022)
   5.How to communicate and use online media in Asia (28th March 2022)
   6.How to succeed in business in the Taiwan (11st April 2022)
   7.How to communicate and use online media in USA (27th April 2022)
   8.How to succeed in business in the Canada (9th May 2022)

Participants might register for those sessions that can be most interesting to their needs. There is not a minimum neither a maximum number of session to attend.

Cost:  Free of charge

Duration:  Approximately. One hour sessions with Q&A

Target:  SMEs and clusters from EU

Registration:  follow this link for registration. Some days before the webinar, you will receive the link which will enable you to connect with the session registered


This project has received funding from the European Unión COSME COS-Cluster Programme, under the grant agreement Nº 951206