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SmartCityTech workshop review

Last 16th we organized the workshop "Driving the implementation of smart systems in urban areas" during the SmartCityExpo in Barcelona. In this workshop we tried to face and provide solutions to those cities/regions which had some challenges to face.

First, Nathan Pierce made a kyenote speech and explained the vision of a Lighthouse city like London. 

After, differenet regions/cities made introduction to their specific challenges: 
     - Smart Catalonia:           Smart Region Platform that enbales information exchange among municipalities and supralocal authorities
     - City of Munich:              The Smart Silo
     - Flanders Smart Region: Management as a service - A virtual traffic control centre for Ghent
     - City of San Sebastian:    ICT solutions for energetic balance and business models in energetic building rehabilitation

Then, we were divided in groups where discussed about solutions for each city. 

Finally, we made a wrap up and shared the vision of each working group.