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Join the smart city tech partnership

Smart City Tech is a European Strategic Cluster Partnership. It consists of leading cluster organizations and facilitates global cooperation between city stakeholders to develop and realize innovative value models enabled by smart systems.

Why do we need a partnership?

Urban areas are melting pots of new opportunities. It are places where people meet, live, work and enjoy their spare time. It's an area where a known past will meet up with an unknown future.People are eager to adopt services and products which make their life, work, spare time more enjoyable, more efficient. They are eager to adopt products and services which make them more resilient to future, unknown events.Smart Systems can enable those products and services but cooperation between policy makers, citizens, technology experts and other stakeholders is required to realize new solutions for citizens in urban areas.Facilitation is needed to bring experts from different disciplines and different regions together and to make them cooperate on smart system enabled products and services for urban areas.

How will we proceed?

Smart City Tech is developing joint actions. Those actions are rooted in the day to day reality of the partner clusters and relate to:

  • Developing a joint vision on smart systems for urban areas which will lead to concentrating available resources on those activities which can create the most impact for urban areas.
  • Building a vibrant and global ecosystem of companies, policy makers, academia, investors and citizens ready to engage for joint projects.
  • Developing global innovation capacities which allows for efficient development of new smart systems solutions for urban areas.
  • Stimulating active collaboration between stakeholders on concrete projects leading to added value for all ecosystem stakeholders involved.
  • Mobilizing funding, either public or private money, as key resource to drive SmartCityTech projects forward.

The smart systems industry is a global business. The challenges of urban areas have a local character rooted in local ecosystems and culture. To match ‘local’ needs with ‘global’ smart systems solutions Smart City Tech will develop a sound internationalization strategy to foster global cooperation.

Do you want to join?

Are you interested to join the Smart City Tech partnership than fill out the expression of interest. You will be able to play an active role in the development of the Smart City Tech partnership and our urban areas of the future.

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