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IDUNN project kick-off

From the 17thvember, IDUNN project’s team met in Arrasate in order to have a face to face kick off meeting. The re-union, which was hosted by Ikerlan, had the objective to align some of the main project activities and get common decisions. More specifically, the main activities worked out were related to definition of the use case scenarios, dynamic threat detection tools and accurate forecast tools.

Apart from moving forward project actions, the team took the opportunity to visit two of the use cases defined in IDUNN. These were Fagor Arrasate and its automotive mechanical and hydraulic presses and Mondragon Assembly with the manufacturing of gas valves for household. It served to project team members to see the real scenario in which the outputs developed during the project will be deployed.

Finally, there was a visit to the Ikerlan’s lab in order to learn how the technology centre is working on new research which will be applicable to IDUNN.

IDUNN’s main objective is to provide a trustworthy solution to any industry by making their ICT systems resistant to cyber-attacks by developing solutions that meet their specific needs. To achieve this, the project will create a security shield in the form of tools, methodologies, microservices and initial standards compatible with any ICT supply chain. Thus, in the event of a possible incident, the IDUNN system will know how to act quickly to mitigate it and, in turn, will generate a cognitive learning process, which reduces human intervention and provides predictive capabilities.