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We finished our mission to #NewYork and #Ithaca and it has been very satisfying the result of this intense visit. This is a resume of what our week consisted on:

First, we visited the Circular City Week New York. From Monday to Wednesday we visited several side events in the context of this exhibition. We heard interesting panel discussions about how #Circular strategies are being applied in the New York city, we had interesting conversations in the #matchmaking and #networking sessions, also visited some interesting facilities like the Hudson Yards New York, Nordic Circular Space, the Blue City Floating Development at Port of Red Hook or the Showcase at 345 Hudson Street.

Then, we headed out to the city of #Ithaca as one of the ecosystems which is more actively involving circular concepts in their strategies and culture. In the city we could visit an Eco-village which is working to be completely #sustainable thanks to the #community concept. We also could visit and know more about the impressive Cornell University and we had the chance to mix and mingle with people working on circular topics. Finally we could have the chance to visit the interesting Cornell Lake Source Cooling system and the Heat and Power Plant and to have a great end of our visit, we had the opportunity to meet with the Sustainability Director of #Ithaca that shared with us the opportunities and challenges that a city like Ithaca needs to face.

We want to thank all kind people who hosted us in a such a kind way that we could feel the collaboration opportunities that may arise in order to foster the required #Sustainability in our cities. Also we need to thank all companies that we shared the mission with for such a nice environment.

Congratulations for the organization! Thilde Møller Larsen and Nikoline Bak


This project has received funding from the European Unión COSME COS-Cluster Programme, under the grant agreement Nº 951206