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GAIA will be present in the “BeDigital” Conference with an own booth.

From the next 28th of May until the 01st of June, the 30th edition of the Spanish biennial machine-tool exhibition (BIEMH) will hold its 30th edition in BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Center). This event is a market driver event which aims to show the latest trends and needs of industries and brings visitors in the field of manufacturing. This edition will addressed to Smart Solutions offered by manufacturers and distributor in the fields of machinery, tools, components & accessories, automation, metrology, quality control… During those 5 days, some of the world’s leading machine-tool manufacturers will be present.

The previous edition in 2016, hosted more than 1.500 firms, which a 59% of them were international players. More than 40.000 participants approached this fair.

One of the new features of this 30th edition will be the inclusion of a new space called “BeDigital” which will complete the supply and the link with the Industry 4.0: The digitization of the industry. Some new trends and technologies which will be addressed by professionals are: Big Data, Cloud services, Software for industry, IOT, Cibersecurity, Industrial engineering, Virtual Reality, Telecommunications, automation…

The member of the SmartCityTech parnterhisp GAIA, will count on an own booth in the “BeDigital” during the 5 days of the conference. Companies from GAIA will present their good practices in industrial sectors and a reproduction of the BasqueGameLab (the industrial living lab for serious games) will also be exposed. A big space for the project Gaia Net Exchange which GAIA is part will be available too.

Webpage of the overall BIEMH Conference
Webpage of the BeDigital Conference


This project has received funding from the European Unión COSME COS-Cluster Programme, under the grant agreement Nº 783412