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EUREKA Cluster AI Call - Deadline 28th of June

Are you working on AI topics and you want to work in a project collaborating with other regions in Europe? From the SmartCityTech  partnership we can help you to find accurate partners throughout different European regions.

The EUREKA Clusters CELTIC-NEXT, EUROGIA, ITEA 3 and PENTA-EURIPIDES², have perceived a common cross domain interest in developing, adapting and utilising emerging Artificial Intelligence within and across their focus areas. These Clusters, together with a number of EUREKA Public Authorities, are now launching a Call for innovative projects in the AI domain. The aim of this Call is to boost the productivity & competitiveness of European industries through the adoption and use of AI systems and services.

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly developing technology with the potential to influence or transform almost every aspect of the economy and society. In-depth knowledge and leadership in developing and applying this powerful capability is an essential requirement, if industry is to maintain its leadership in multiple application areas, or take advantage of new opportunities.

This EUREKA Clusters AI Call is specifically designed to stimulate activity in this important area, through the creation of trans-national collaborative projects in applications that will support economic growth and benefit society as a whole.

Participants are invited to submit applied research and innovation project proposals in the field of Artificial intelligence, indicating, where possible, how they are related to the technological focus area of the participating Clusters most relevant to their proposal.

Deadline of the call: 28th of June

If you are member of any of the clusters involved in SmartCityTech partnership, we can help you finding a project opportunity and a good partnership. This is the process to folow: 

  • Use the this template to tell us about your project and what kind(s) of partnership you're looking for and send it to your contact person from the smartcitytech partnership. If you cannot identify you can send it to
  • We'll evaluate your submission, determine which network would benefit your needs best, and work with our partners to find you possible collaboration partners.
  • If there are numerous collaborations available, we'll organize a webinar/online meeting.
  • We put you in touch with the potential partners we have identified so that you can further evaluate whether they are the right fit.
  • You follow the steps laid out by the EUREKA Clusters to prepare and submit your proposal via the dedicated AI Call portal (click to see how to participate). 
    • If you want, we can help you with the application process for the EUREKA Call - just let us know when you send us your project idea!
As we need to follow an evaluation process the deadline to to submit your expressions of interest will be the 30th of April.


This project has received funding from the European Unión COSME COS-Cluster Programme, under the grant agreement Nº 951206