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CLINES PROJECT: Where all began!

CLINES PROJECT: Where all began!

In a global competition it is required to nourish innovative ecosystems, in particular with regard to stimulating growth in SMEs and creating an innovation environment which facilitates research.

The CLINES consortium will be centered around the key enabling technology of embedded systems.

With the concept of Smart Cities as a cornerstone, CLINES sets out to improve the regional framework conditions to encourage dynamic innovation based on research driven development around embedded systems technologies and their application domains.

The four cluster partners which later created the SmartCityTech partnership joint forces with three other key partners with the objective of developing a sustainable, well-organized European key technology intercluster, where the outcome of the partnership would increase the coordination of trans-regional innovation investments and ensure an efficient development, exploitation and dissemination of ICT in the Smart Cities / Embedded Systems domain.

Partners involved in this project: 

- DSPValley (Flanders, Belgium)
- BICCnet (Bavaria, Germany)
- BrainsBusiness (North Jutland, Denmark)
- GAIA (Basque Country, Spain)
- IWT (Flanders, Belgium)
- CISS, Aalborg University (North Jutland, Denmark) 
- Tecnalia (Basque Country, Spain)

As a result of this project, first steps to create the ESCP SmartCityTech where given. 

Project website: