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We are organizing a workshop on Innovative Value Models for Cluster Organizations

The SmartCityTech partnership will host a two-day workshop in the thematic of “Innovative Value Models for Cluster Organizations” in Florence between the 05th and 06th of June.
Next 06th and 07th of June, the second edition of the Business Model Conference will be held in Florence (Italy). Key academic experts in the field of Business Models will participate in order to create a friendly and supportive ambiance with the objective of conveying a regular conference for the scholars on the field.

Taking advantage of the occasion, the 5th and 6th of June, the SmartCityTech partnership under the ESCT Go Global project has organized a two-day workshop in the thematic of “Innovative Value Models for Cluster Organizations”.

This workshop aims at co-creating concrete and innovative value models for cluster organizations. Through interaction with your fellow cluster organizations and guided by experienced ‘value model’ coaches, you will design new value models which can be implemented once you have returned home. You will share expertise on your regional role and your thoughts on intra and extra Europe cluster collaboration.

As this workshop will be organized back to back to the Business Model conference which mobilizes key academic experts, they will participate in the workshop and will inspire you with their expertise. They will help to develop services for customers/members which clusters and partnerships may deploy for their sustainability.

One of the main objectives of the ESCT Go Global project which is currently running is to prepare a sustainability plan for the SmartCityTech partnership that will ensure its activities for the future. Lessons learnt in this workshop will help to start developing this plan.

If you are a cluster interested in offering good value models, JOIN US!
The complete program and the details for participating in this workshop are explained in the next document

Please, use the next link for the registration: