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Innovation & Inspiration tour to Aveiro

Innovation & Inspiration tour to Aveiro

Are you working on solutions for urban challenges and do you want to get inspired by other EU experts? Join our SmartCityTech innovation and inspiration tour!   

The SmartCityTech partnership represents more than 3000 stakeholders in different EU regions.  Passioned people who are working on liveability and resilience of our EU cities and regions.  The Innovation and inspiration tours will connect you with those stakeholders, will give you inspiration through testimonies and site visits and will allow you to establish collaboration opportunities.

The first I&I tour organized by SmartCityTech will bring you to Porto and Aveiro (Portugal) on March 24th and 25th.  Aveiro is a mid-size city with a vibrant tech scene, close to Porto.


March 24th:

o    We will start our journey in Porto Innovation Hub. There you will have an introduction to Porto Smart Cities’ activities and contact with companies and researchers actively working in this domain, as well in project related to one of the largest Harbours in Portugal. Large companies like EFACEC (working mainly in Energy), NOS (a Telco) and Bosch Car Multimedia will present themselves and present cooperation opportunities. Innovative SME and Startups will also introduce innovative solutions developed together with the City or the Harbour Master, like Veniam or Omniflow.

 o    After the event, we will move to Aveiro and meet the Municipal Counsellor responsible for the Aveiro STEAM City Project, one of the Urban Innovative Projects running. This project is based in 5G and has recently launched several challenges to companies and entrepreneurs.

 March 25th:

o    We will start our journey visits Altice Labs facilities (the R&D unit of Altice group, a Telco that owns MEO in Portugal, SFR in France, among other operators in the US, Canada, Israel, etc.). After that visit, we will visit Bosch R&D centre in Aveiro dedicated to IoT and Smart Buildings.

 o    During the afternoon, we will host another session where you can meet city representatives and large R&D and infrastructure projects’ managers, like the 5G test bed in Aveiro, 5G mobilizing R&D project, a Pay-as-You Throw Pilot as well as the local Harbour master and Bosch Security Systems R&D unit. Innovative companies, startups and Researchers will also present themselves and cooperation opportunities. The session will also have room for you to present yourself and challenge participants to engage with you. It will end with a panel  where international cooperation among cities and regions will be discussed.

Are you interested?  Please register through the formular below.  You will be contacted by your regional SmartCityTech contact for further information