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Monitoring Scoreboard of the year 2018

After the first year of the beginning of the ESCT Go Global project a reflection has been made by the project team in order to evaluate the performance of the activities realized within the year 2018. As a result, a monitoring scoreboard has been developed which will check the results obtained and will help to improve some of the indicators which need to be addressed, especially those concerning to the internationalization programme developed. The main focus of the partnership during the year 2018 has been the Singaporean market, with some activities, events and a mission been carried out. Besides, some activities have already been done towards the second third country identified as the most interesting for Smart City solutions, which is the USA.

For the year 2019 the focus will be the USA and most of activities and events will be related to stablish some cooperation with stakeholders from this market which already started in 2018. But it will not be the only focus, as we will keep exploring collaborations with the Singaporean market and following-up the relationships already made there. In addition, we will develop activities to find a sustainability plan for the partnership and we will start our activities towards the Indian market which are willing to be continued once the project timeline is over.







KPI_1       Cluster Collaborations
Number of cluster organisations and business networks from different COSME participating countries having benefited from supported actions



Partnership Agreements

Number of partnership agreements resulting from the supported actions (consortium level). Target is to sign a partnership agreement with at least one cluster or business network in each of the target regions, ic. Singapore & USA



Internationalization events

Number of events (workshops/matchmaking events / working group meetings) organised




Matchmaking events supported

Number of cluster and business matchmaking meetings supported




Impacted SMEs

Number of SMEs having directly or indirectly benefited from the supported actions (at least 50 SMEs will be involved in the activities and will, by doing so, benefit from the action. This KPI refers only to the number of SMEs involved not the number of collaboration agreements signed between EU SMEs and organizations from the target regions. KPI_7 refers to this number of collaboration agreement targeted as result of this project)




Impact on turnover and employment

Increase in the percentage of the turnover from international activities, and employment in Europe, of the SMEs having benefited directly and indirectly from the supported actions, as measured through a survey by the end of the action




Impact on number of cooperations 

Impact of the supported actions in terms of number of resulting international cluster projects between international cluster and business network partners. (The objective is to have at least 2 cooperation agreements per target region (USA, Singapore) between EU SMEs (or other stakeholders) and SMEs (or other stakeholders from target regions)



Due to data protection of all stakeholders involved, the detailed information will be uploaded in the platform used by the Commission for the reporting of project activities. In case is not possible to see table above properly, click here. 


This project has received funding from the European Unión COSME COS-Cluster Programme, under the grant agreement Nº 783412